Can't Win a Fight Without Being in the Fight!

June 18, 2016



On September 11th, 2001 the world was rocked by one of the most horrific terrorist attacks in history. Airplanes were used as missiles targeting high profile American symbols in which the death toll rose to almost 3000 killed. After the World Trade Towers were hit, and then the Pentagon, calls rang out from another flight in which the exact target can only be assumed, however passengers on flight United #93 who were able to get calls out were hearing the news. Their fate was already on a path in which they could only control one thing; how many people were going to die with them? 

Their decision to fight saved more lives than we can imagine, and it serves as a tide to see how we as American's have evolved against a threat. We do not know the target that plane was scheduled to attack, or how many more losses we would have incurred as a result of that attack. What we do know, is those passengers decided to fight back. Their Flight is often remembered by one simple phrase...... "Let's Roll", the last words heard from Todd Beamer as they made their way to storm the cockpit and crash the plane into the ground.

In the old days, you could be held up at gun point and asked for your money or your life. Most chose to give up the money and it was done. In today's day and age, you see the crime rate rising and the value of human life decreasing. Now add Terrorism into the mix and the emergence of ISIS and all the other forms of Radical Islam. You now, no longer have the choice to concede as the Beta and be dominated, because the statistics will show you dead in the end. You have to actually fight for your life now.

We have started to see a lot evolve and decide we will not stand idle while someone pushes us around. We know you hate us, we know you are trying to kill us, and now on planes when something is a miss, passengers have continuously joined together to restrain someone. Everyone should be adopting this mentality.

On June 11th, 2016 a lone attacker from what we know as of now, went to the Pulse Night Club and killed 49 patrons and shot 53 others visiting the club. Some may ask, as to how did this happen? Wasn't there security? How could this have been prevented? Lots of questions and little answers at this point, because the facts need to come out and evaluated. 

What we do know, This Terrorist was armed with a Rifle and a Handgun. A rifle is not so easy to conceal and from what I have heard, that is how the firefight started, with an off duty police officer identifying threat and engaging the threat. 

Killing 49 and wounding an addition 53 is unsatisfactory. When I hear these numbers, it says only one thing to me. People were afraid to fight. This is a mindset, we must steer clear of. You can NOT Win a Fight, unless you actually get into the fight.

If you are ever in a situation like this, anything and everything around you becomes a weapon. If you are at a grocery store, that can of green beans is a weapon. You would be amazed at the damage it can do cracking someone in the skull with it. The masses are a weapon. Rise up and charge the assailant. If you do not, then you are leaving yourself vulnerable like fish in a barrel.

Times have changed, we are not living in the same era as was 20 years ago. You can not rely on the Sheep Dogs to have your back, because this fight is all over the world. Not enough Sheep Dogs to go around. 

You Have to Fight, and when you commit, then you have to fight to Win!

Our thoughts and prayers are out to all those lost in Orlando and the families as they attempt to find peace. God Bless them and their families!



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Can't Win a Fight Without Being in the Fight!

June 18, 2016

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